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Welcome To Wicksteed At War 2016 Official Website

The Midlands premier military history show for the whole family bought to you by the Military Vehicle Trust and Wicksteed Park is back for 2016! Bring your family and join us for FREE* for an action packed weekend as we bring living history to life!

WAW 2016 Official Program

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our show program for the weekend.

Inside you will find details and information on the tanks coming, the aircrafts that will be flying, site map and most importantly the time table for the main arena! and loads more.

On sale for £2, buying the program will help support WAW 2016, which is a free to enter event. Programs can be bought directly from the local cadets patrolling the entrance to the show fields.

Whats on for Wicksteed At War 2016

BBMF Aircraft Flyover

On Saturday we have both a Hurricane and Spitfire flying over the show together and on the Sunday a Hurricane **

The Main Arena Activities Hosted By John Griff From The BBC

The arena events are scheduled from 10am with the last activity starting at 3:45pm on both days. The event program will be on sale for visitors to get further timings for the arena.

Armor Display, British Army REME Recovery display, Man vs Tank! British vehicle display, Light Tank stunt Team, American vehicle display, Rolling Thunder firepower display, World War 2 battle as Allied Forces take on a German fortification with tanks (who will win?) and much more.

Tanks and Heavy Armor Attending

We have the American Walker Bulldog Tank, British Centurion Tank, WW2 American Jackson Tank Destroyer, Russian T-55 Tank and a replica running WW2 German Panzer III. Some will be contributing to activites in the Main Arena and wil be on display for you to see.

Check Point Charlie Living History Display

We are proud to announce the completion of our living history display, Check Point Charlie. An icon of the Berlin crisis of 1961 and escalating Cold War, Check Point Charlie on the Berlin Wall would often see both the Allies and Soviets park up tanks facing each other at either end of the Checkpoint in some tense stand offs. These tanks included Soviet T-55’s and Allied M41 Walker Bulldogs.

Other Vehicles Of The MVT Coming

We have a lot of other vehicles attending, which include the British CVR(T) Scimitar and Scorpion light tanks, trucks dating from World War 2 to current in service, communications vehicles, engineering and recover vehicles, scout vehicles, armored cars and a large collection of military Land Rovers for you to walk around and see.

Stalls and Shopping

We have a large number of stalls attending the show selling a varity of different things ranging from authentic surplus clothing to models. We also have side shows including airsoft and paintball shooting ranges!

Reenactor Groups and Their Camps

No show would be complete without Reenactors who man the battles in the main arena. We have several large groups who will be creating authentic camps with personal military equipment to show you, with the biggest camp being a field hospital! for you to walk around and see.

Ground Aircraft

We have a Spitfire on display in the show grounds, it’s a part replica complete with an original Spitfire cockpit.

Entrance Info

* The show is free to enter for the public, but Wicksteed Park due charge for parking.

** Though confirmed and booked, the flyovers may be subject to time changes and cancellation if the show experiences bad weather.

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